september 2023

drive (2011
undeniably VERY cool and very iconic in its parts. can certainly see why alienated and disillusioned young men in 2011 would want to model their entire personalities after this movie

spiderman (2002)
I’ve seen the sequel a few times (beloved, top tier superhero movie) but only ever bits and pieces of this one! its good! perfect casting of awkward teenage archetypes + willem dafoe at shakespearian levels of green goblin. the scene of him crawling on the FLOOR !! playful, ridiculous sincerity marvel could never hope to achieve.

they cloned tyrone (2023)
OOOA!!!! 70s blaxploitation/ 90s action/ small town scifi conspiracy.... so gorgeously grainy, beautiful lit and stylised, like a high concept music video spiralling out into an expansive political thriller

desert hearts (1985)
lovely & quiet & very sincere, cowboys, lesbians.

the nice guys (2016)

whatever happened to baby jane? (1962)
HAUNTING final scene. i understand why drag queens love this movie so much.

the seven moons of maali almeida, shehan karunatilaka

on earth we're briefly gorgeous, ocean vuong


comic to come! maybe!