october 2022

a comic of the month's activties
don't worry, darling (2022)
unfortunately very much a don't worry darling centrist. like. it was both much better than i was expecting, and also very underwhelming and disapointing. I don't think it was predictable or bad in many of the ways people have been saying, but it doesn't cohere as tightly or tensely as it should, and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of following through on its own themes. I enjoyed seeing harry styles leap about like a little frog in tap shoes.

bodies bodies bodies (2022)
perfectly fine and fun movie that totally missed the mark for me. i wish it had been a little More.... anything.

phantom of the paradise (1974)
finally some good fucking cinema. horror musical adaptation of the phantom of the opera + faust + the picture of dorian gray. satisfyingly high levels of drama, violence, tragedy, audience bloodlust, and THEATER. can't stop thinking about leech's distorted, mechanical voice travelling through the soundboards until it resembles something human again

the abominable dr. phibes (1971)
horror that is so fun and weird i love you so much. vincent price wearing a mask of his own face and then dramatically ripping it off, only to immediately go downstairs and start painstakingly putting it back on again. there's a mirror bed tomb. organ-activated elevator. mechanical band of 'clockwork wizards'. surgery under rube goldberg saw trap conditions. DEATH BY FROG MASK. literally delightful.

a zed & two noughts (1985)
CINEMA cinema. cintematography and shot composition so beautiful i had to keep pausing it to screenshot. twins and DECAY.

deeplight- frances hardinge
truly an astonishingly good book. this was my second time reading it and i was a little worried it wouldn't be as good as i remembered but i was WRONG it's still incredible. to me this book is the club that has it all; gods as sea monsters, morally ambiguous scientists, god meat as warfare, sea themed body horror, whale fall resurrection, an aged care facility for a defunct priesthood...... bathyspheres..... <3 <3