may 2023

technological grotesque
soup season
breakfast radio
lime green
the skin I live in (2011)
oh incredible. also awful. visceral and abject but also subtle and intimate and tense with this terrible undercurrent of grief and desperation strung all throughout. love the louise bourgeois intertextuality.

the birdcage (1996)
my local gay club is named after this movie !!! so charming & heartfelt and genuine in all its absurdity

2 1/2 years with scooter (2023)

modesty blaise (1966)
dirk bogarde modesty blaise fancam

dead ringers (2023)
so good ! sleek bloody bodily horror <3 the production and acting is phenomenal and the set design, especially for the birthing center, leans into the ominous vibrant minimalism of corporate horror in SUCH a sexy distinctive way.

picnic at hanging rock, joan lindsey
starting off gothic lit winter with a very summery australian gothic classic. no particular thoughts other than like, yes the bush will eat you. and that it made me want to watch the cars that ate paris again.

ghost music, an yu

the city and the city, china miéville

the inugami curse, seishi yokomizo

the daughter of doctor moreau, silvia moreno-garcia
normally i would not go for the type of book that is like ‘reworking of a classic novel’ (i’m sure some of them are good but generally they just don’t interest me) HOWEVER I picked this one up because I liked mexican gothic (also by moreno-garcia) and of all the classic books to revisit with renewed focus on women, I think the island of doctor moreau is a very funny one. Also I was really really excited to get some vivisection. the relocation of the novel from an unnamed island in the pacific to the yucatán peninsula in north america situates it in a colonial context that works really well with the themes of the original novel, tying together animal experimentation and scientific advancements with colonial settlement and labour exploitation. I wish it had been a lot messier- more violent, more weird, more ambiguous, with more experimentation, vivisection and body horror- but I guess the way it was written keeps it plausibly grounded in history.

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