march 2023

conveyer belt music
cobalt blue
teenage crime by adrian lux
the half life of valery k, natasha pulley
i read this in like 2 days flat and then liked it so much i went back to read a passage and ended up just rereading the entire book. the way the main relationship was framed and written felt very deliberately restrained in a way that I really enjoyed, but I do think that its focus overshadowed the more interesting and complicated aspects of the book- all the issues around radiation science and human experimentation and the ethics of studying these kinds of things, that just kind of fizzle out largely unresolved at the end. I would have easily read another 400 pages exploring these concepts in more depth, and would have especially loved to see the women portrayed with more interiority and empathy (particularly given that the male characters are afforded such dignity and forgiveness and understanding for their moral transgressions, while the women come across as cold and villainous for the same actions).

scream vi (2023)
first scream movie i've seen in cinema! loved getting to see an urban setting (trains! convenience stores!) AND one of the characters had my name AND died a terrible death :)

the locked tomb trilogy (again)
(i did in fact take notes this time)

+ art books
the world of bruegel
japanese woodcuts (mostly plates)
hilma af klint

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