june 2023

textile cocoons
dripping decay
naked lunch (1992)
huge bug moment

spiderman: into the spiderverse (2018)

akira (1988)

dr phibes rises again! (1972)
dr phibes is our PROTAGONIST and he is RESURRECTING HIS DEAD WIFE in EGYPT. there are not as many strikingly cool unique deaths as in the first movie though

spiderman: across the spiderverse (2023)
legitimately thrilling, joyful spectacle, loved it so much, very overwhelmed by how much is going on but all of it so exciting and i am SO hyped for the next one. like genuinely this is the radical potential of animation also the radical potential of superhero movies.

renfield (2023)
so so much fun i had a DELIGHTFULLY good time in the cinema. nicholas hoult is always just so endearing and charming. all i wanted going in was it to be MEATY and SILLY and honestly knocked it out of the park on that front. so ridiculous and over the top and campy + had an incredible lizzo needle drop that was way funnier than it should have been

Nimona (2023)
WOOOOO NIMONA <3 <3 <3 read the graphic novel back in high school and loved it- super fun, gorgeously stylised animation, loved particularly that it had these bright, silly moments of monster movie fight scenes but at its core really pulled apart the very idea of monstrosity, framing it quite explicitly as something created by societal fears of otherness rather than anything inherent

gorky park, martin cruz smith

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