july 2022

a comic of the month's activties

Cache (2005)
I saw this as part of a series of screenings at my local art gallery. For most of its runtime, (baring two moments of sudden violence that had my cinema audibly reacting in horror) it is a very still and quiet film, about a couple who begin to receive unnerving video tapes containing hours of footage of their house. Described as a thriller, and certainly packaged like one, it's ultimately more of an investigation into cultural memory, guilt and grief.

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things
Time loop movie that inexplicably Doesn't feel like one (refreshing! even though I love time loops!). it's a really nice take on the trope and feels very genuine. I am also always a huge fan of movies that switch up halfway through and go, actually we've been focusing on the wrong character, trying to tell the wrong story- let's recalibrate. I cried like 3 times watching this and only one of those times was because they put a Kishi Bashi song on the soundtrack (penny rabbit and summer bear)

Bound (1996)
no notes. everyone who desperately wanted Ocean's 8 to be a lesbian heist movie should watch this instead.

Everything Everywhere All At Once
Absurd and over the top and so so sincere and wholehearted about all of it.

Fever Dream- Samantha Schweblin
Structured as a conversation between a woman in hospital and a child as they try and pinpoint the exact moment that led to her being there. I read this book almost entirely in one sitting, found it incredibly compelling and very skilful at conveying a tone of creeping, insidious dread, made worse by knowing how things are going to end, but not why.

Russian Doll season 2
[thoughts marinating]