december 2022

consumption as power
telegraph poles
hellscapes in art
minimalism in horror (derogatory)
mad god (2022)
you are travelling through hell and travelling through hell and travelling through hell and. well it's just hellscapes all the way down, an endless descent into scenes of torture and punishment, predatory beasts, caverns of waste, factories, surgical theatre and warzones. it's really almost odd in that despite horror after horror, it doesn't feel overwhelmingly violent or exploitative or even condemnable, but has instead a very melancholic and resigned tone that really stuck with me. it's quiet.

watching something like this, with such incredibly detailed and striking animation and set design, no dialogue and no clear narrative, felt like climbing into an old oil painting of hell and being allowed to just wander around.

the menu (2022)
it was fine but like. where was the meat!

the vanished birds, simon jimenez
i adored this but it made me feel so deeply tired. sci-fi that feels like it could only really be written in the 21st century because it presents such a seemingly plausible future in terms of worker exploitation, imperial expansion and capitalism. so good but also like. more tragic the more i think about it.

gideon the ninth/harrow the ninth/nona the ninth, tamsyn muir
OOOUUUUAAAHHHH the vibes are so absolutely off the charts and i am having such a good and confusing time (batshit(complimentary))
for books that are primarily about bones, there is such an excess of meat and blood and gory viserca that is SO satisfying. everything is so messy and gross and weird and i love it so so much. creepy AND wet. hopefully actual Thoughts to come soon bc i literally need to reread them and take notes like. tomorrow. (read them way too quickly and had a real no thoughts only gideon kind of reaction)

art in the age of mass media, john a walker
book that is like an extended 'art in the age of mechanical reproduction' essay, it took me like 3 years to read this but it is a very engaging and accessible look at art/culture/production (from 40 years ago)

a comic of the month's activties