august 2023

dripping green thing
hot nuclear media
kajillionaire (2020)

talk to me (2023)
goooooooo australian horror !!!!! thought this would probably not be my kind of movie and i was right HOWEVER. phenomenal movie. tight & cohesive, skilfully written, super effective (and affective!) horror, SO tense and uncomfortable the whole way through- kind of a terrible viewing experience (finished the movie and was like i have to jump up and down a little bit bc my body has just been completely tensed up for the last hour) but also for literally the same reasons an excellent horror movie. made me feel like a prey animal frozen in the bushes watching another animal get devoured.

mikey and nicky (1976)

asteroid city (2023)
love loooooved this so much. went to see it TWICE at the cinema! i did like the movie itself but also i found it to be a movie more about the framing of the subject than necessarily the subject itself- and i really liked the framing. the 'this is a movie that is a tv show about actors making a play' was a delightful little matroyoshka doll of framing devices and the interplay between them- the interjections of actors discussing their characters, or questioning what the play means, or characters suddenly just opening a door in the landscape and leaving the set- was where the real (beautifully set dressed) meat of it all lay for me

strangers on a train (1951)
liked this more than i thought i would. too much tennis. insane final scene set on a carousel that far usurped any other climactic live action sequence i've seen recently.

riverdale s7
riverdale SHOULD have been forever :(

wuthering heights, emily bronte

watchmen, alan moore and dan gibbons
devastated i'll never be able to read this for the first time again!!!!!! what the hell!!!

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