august 2022


Lake Mungo (2005)
ghost story more (explicitly) about experiencing grief than about ghosts. I loved the kind of double haunting that weaves its way through this film, Alice haunted by her future death as much as her family becomes haunted by her. the non-mockumentary parts consist of these gorgeous, slow creeping shots through the empty house and town that feel like a william broadhurst photograph.

Crash (1996)
car crash eroticism + the interconnectedness of sex & celebrity & voyeurism & violence. film like compulsive disaster photography.

Mundane History (2009)
honestly this one went over my head. one letterboxd review I read described it as ‘a great movie if you want to accidentally watch a c-section'. beautifully shot & edited, I loved the non-linear, snapshot style structure, quietness, and refusal to explain itself.

Nope (2022)
Steven Yeun bedazzled ufo cowboy jacket + inflatable tube men desert bait moment

The Muppets (1979)
literally kermit can ride a bike

ooohhhhhhhhhhh babey. so incredibly absurd and strange and dumb and sincere and soooooo compelling about it.

Radiance, Catherynne m Valente
a fragmented, sprawling stack of framing devices masquerading as a single story that finds itself immpossible to tell directly. it's grief! loss! burnt film! "whales"! when someone dies and it ripples through the narrative and creates so many holes and all you can do is talk about the holes! deeply preoccupied with the mechanics of its own storytelling and construction, obsessively trying over and over to tell it the right way- "searching for a picture that can only ever come in parts."

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