april 2023

gremlins 2: the new batch (1990)
wholeheartedly, postmodern masterpiece. one of the most enjoyable things i've watched in the last year or so. i missed the first 20 minutes, watched this on tv with ads in a terrible state (very sick), had not seen the first movie and only vaguely remembered parts of this one from a party 17 years ago (although have always remembered very distinctly: mz sherry from the gremlin infested cooking show, the elevator scene, and the 'gremlin in a shredder scene'). i think its so so masterful to set this in a futuristic for the 90s all encompassing office hotel mass media mogul mall complex that accounts for continuous chnages in scenery and unexpected characters and sets- oh there's a cinema, there's a food court, there's a cooking show, there's a science lab, there's a secret capsule elevator from the penthouse to the outside street exclusively for ceo use, and so on. it's endlessly delightful. its such a perfect excuse to have such a wide and weird range of characters, environments, technological features, architectural gimmicks, and fits in so perfectly with the mishmash of horror/comedy genres and pastiche. AND it feel joyfully plausible. lots going on in the exciting new heights of malls in the 90s. i'd believe it all. also the gremlins themselves looked incredible. very very fun, loved it a lot.

gosford park (2001)
watched this bc i have been really really craving just a good proper murder mystery and this was not really that at all actually BUT it was very good regardless.

dead ringers (1988)
always thinking about gynecological devices for operatings on mutant women.

yellowjackets (2021) (s1)

the day the sun died, yan lianke

imaginary cities, darren anderson
complained to everyone who would listen that this book from 2015 did not have an index OR full references and how pissed off i was about it (especially since this is the kind of book that really prompts further research.). other than its completely unsatisfactory referencing and formatting, superb little overview of cities/utopias/megastructures/weird architecture. (overview is the key term here- a lot of the chapters read more like extensive lists along a theme rather than in-depth exploration of a particular idea. still ! a lot to catch the mind.) in particular, i really liked the sections on babel, sanitation, fake cities, and Gotham.

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